Regional Teams

Pine Tree Hospice is pleased to announce the creation of regional teams throughout our service area

       Thank you to the Bingham Program
for making this exciting expansion possible
Regional Team Team Leader
Milo/Brownville Stacy Shorey
Greenville Suzanne McKendry
Guilford Kathy Willy
Dexter Jill Jones
The regional teams support volunteers, identify community needs, provide educational opportunities, and assist us in identifying resources in each regional area

Each regional team has a Team Leader and sets its specific regional priorities, such as community awareness, educational offerings, program development, fund raisers

Teams meet at least quarterly with our Coordinator of Volunteers and Client Services to share thoughts and concerns, provide infomation on area needs, receive support, hear updates about current events at PTH, and learn new information about hospice or bereavement care

Educational opportunities are offered to help volunteers accomplish required education hours.

If you have a few hours available to help Pine Tree Hospice strengthen its support to members of your community please join your area team
then decide what areas of its work match your talents, for example...

·       Assist in recruiting additional volunteers and help to build regional strength in local service connections


·       Identify educational opportunities for volunteers


·       Aid PTH with publicizing and representing PTH in their communities; i.e., placing posters in public areas advertising PTH events, representing PTH at meetings or public opportunities, and assisting with programmatic or fundraising events in their regional area


·       Inform PTH of any opportunities in their local area to educate citizens about PTH and to make it more visible in their community


·       Expand PTH’s ability to stay in closer touch with citizens throughout our service area to better respond to needs and opportunities

Please join us to help make this new endeavor a success by adding your skills to your area team

    Contact Pine Tree Hospice to sign up or to ask any questions