Egret, San Diego Zoo, CA
Egret, San Diego Zoo, CA
A time to join others who are
grieving the loss of a pet

    A time to share and honor your

        A time to memorialize your
        beloved companion in a
        comfortable, confidential

Pet Loss workshops are held periodically throughout the year

To find out about an upcoming workshop, call 802-8078
or email

Many of us have had pets that we loved like family.  Whether we raised them from the time they were born or they came to us when they were older, our beloved pets can be as important to us as our own human relatives and friends.

The grief we experience when a beloved pet dies can be immense and long-lasting, taking the form of anger, sadness, guilt, and many other feelings. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for us to express and share those feelings with others because we may be afraid they would not understand. After all, it was just an animal, right? WRONG! Your pet was important to you and your family – more than words can say.

Pet Loss Workshops are for children and adults

The workshop discusses what it means to grieve the death of a pet, suggests sharing photos and important keepsakes, provides activities to help participants name and express feelings about their loss, and commemorates pets with the creation of special mementos.

We may end with a short non-denominational remembrance service.  Snacks and refreshments, information on pet loss books, websites, and other resources may be provided.

All activities are facilitated by trained Pine Tree Hospice Volunteer Bereavement Facilitators.  Workshops are held periodically.