The Pine Tree Hospice Nights of Service grief support program is a six-week, closed-group program
designed for children and families who are grieving a death

                                                 The sessions are led by trained bereavement facilitators
                                                 in a safe and supportive environment

                                                              Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions

A death in the family affects every member... from the oldest to the youngest.  A child’s grief may be expressed in ways that are different from those of an adult.  The Pine Tree Hospice Nights of Service is a program for children, teens, and their families who are experiencing grief.  It provides a safe place for children to share their experience of grief with others who are also in the process of working through grief and loss.

Trained bereavement facilitators use a variety of activities to encourage expression.
Participants may talk about their experience or choose not to talk.

If you would like to be a part of our Nights of Service program,
please contact Pine Tree Hospice by calling 802-8078
or e-mail the Pine Tree Hospice office.