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October 5, 2015
Remembrance Ceremony Honors the “Tree of Life”

On Sunday, November 1, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. there will be a community celebration of remembrance sponsored by Community Health and Counseling and Pine Tree Hospice at the Charlotte White Center, 572 Bangor Road in Dover-Foxcroft. The theme for this year’s celebration is “The Tree of Life” which symbolizes the interconnectedness of all life as well as the seasons of life through which we all must pass. Meaningful activities for all ages are planned, and the afternoon will conclude with a poignant balloon release. Music will also be a part of the day’s program and refreshments will be provided. All community members and families are welcome to come and celebrate the memory of friends and loved ones. To pre-register, please call Pine Tree Hospice at 564-4346 or email wecare at
September 10, 2015
Evergreen Nights of Service Aids Grieving Families

At some point, every family will experience loss through death and the grief that accompanies it. Parents of children or teens are often challenged with helping their children adjust to the many losses incurred by the death.

Pine Tree Hospice’s Evergreen Nights of Service is a six-week program that is designed specifically for children, teens, and their families who have experienced a death of a loved one and provides a safe place for kids to share their experience with others who are also in the process of working through their grief and loss. Each session has a different focus, such as feelings, other expressions of grief, memories, and coping. Participants are encouraged to engage in various activities including art, play, journaling, and talking so that each person may discover what works best for him or her as an individual to help process their grief and to help integrate the loss into one’s life. An adult support group is also available for parents or guardians of the children to attend at the same time the children meet.

Families must register and attend an orientation meeting to determine if the Nights of Service is an appropriate match for each family member’s needs. The next Nights of Service program begins October 7th and continues through November 11th. Groups meet weekly on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:30 P.M. at the Dover-Foxcroft Congregational Church.
September 10, 2015
Sound Bites: Possibly the Most Delicious Fundraiser Ever!

On Saturday, September 19 at 7:00 P.M. Pine Tree Hospice will host its fourth annual Sound Bites fall fundraiser at Foxcroft Academy. This event treats the senses with beautiful decorations, an amazing selection of delicious desserts, and live music.

The music performed will have a wide appeal for all ages. Harpist, Isleen Halvorsen will be playing as people arrive. The Memphis Belles, a vocal trio, will open the show with a repertoire of music from the 20’s to the 60’s at 7:00 P.M. The Josh Guthrie Trio will follow with a mix of styles from R & B to rock ‘n roll to classic country music.

Sponsors for this event include Arnold Development Group, Camden National Bank, Dr. David Frasz and Dr. Lesley Fernow, Foxcroft Academy, and Plum Creek.

Tickets to Sound Bites are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. A table of 6 can be reserved for $75. Tickets are available at the Pine Tree Hospice office
August 12, 2015
Fall Lunch & Learn Series Set to Start in September

For adults who are experiencing grief after a death, either recent or in the past, Pine Tree Hospice’s Lunch & Learn series offers a chance to share a delicious lunch, visit with others who are navigating the challenges of everyday life after the death of a family member or friend, and listen to an interesting presentation on a relevant topic. Topics are often suggested by participants. Lunch & Learn programs are held at the Dover-Foxcroft Congregational Church from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the second Tuesday of each month, starting in September.

This fall’s Lunch & Learn series will begin on Tuesday, September 8th with a presentation by Meg Callaway on the Thriving in Place (TiP) Program. The Lunch ‘n Learn series continues on October 13th with a focus on The Maine Highlands Senior Center in Dover-Foxcroft by Chris Maas. Grief and the Holidays presented by Rev. Ray Beless is the topic for November 10th. The fall programs will conclude with a presentation by Marcia Larkin from Lynx Transportation Services on December 8th.

All Lunch & Learn programs are offered free of charge. Pre-registration is appreciated. For more information or to sign up, please call 564-4346 or email wecare at [return to menu]
August 11, 2015
Pine Tree Hospice Offers Free One-Day Training on “Caring for the Person with Dementia”

Pine Tree Hospice Offers Free One-Day Training on “Caring for the Person with Dementia” As part of Pine Tree Hospice’s Caring for the Caregiver series, Peter Baker, LMSW, Manager of Helpline Services for the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter, will present a one-day training titled “Caring for the Person with Dementia”. The training will take place on Thursday, September 10th from 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. at the Dover-Foxcroft Methodist Church. Lunch will be provided.

The training will begin with an overview of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias. Participants will learn about Effective Communication Strategies and find out current best practices on Dealing with Dementia-Related Behaviors. They will also discuss ways in which Caregivers of those with dementia can take care of themselves and avoid burnout. The day will conclude with an Overview of Programs and Services and a time for Q&A.

This program is offered free-of-charge and is open to any community member caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or a Related Dementia, as a family member, friend or professional caregiver. Call Pine Tree Hospice at 564-4346 or e-mail at wecare at for more information or to register. [return to menu]
August 5, 2015
Are You Ready?

“A friend of mine became a Pine Tree Hospice volunteer about four or five years ago,” says Yvonne Davis, program assistant at Pine Tree Hospice since 2012. “She is one of the most up-beat, positive people I know, as well as thoughtful and caring. The pleasure she took in enriching her hospice clients’ lives inspired me to find out more about Pine Tree Hospice. In 2012 I had the opportunity to join the staff of PTH and have since then become a PTH volunteer myself. I have had the chance to meet a lot of our volunteers. They are just ordinary people, but what they are able to do for their clients is extraordinary- bringing a little extra happiness into their days.”
Being a hospice volunteer can be rewarding and only a commitment of about 2-4 hours per week is requested. As one of our volunteers has said, “I knew this was something that would be very worthwhile in terms of giving back to the community…You can provide a lot of relief to the family, provide a little entertainment to the individual…Just little niceties for their life…Anyone can do this.”

Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others. Are you ready to share your talents? PTH volunteers can enjoy time with their clients doing such activities as going for walks or rides, fishing, and cooking together. Other ways of helping include running errands, providing transportation, companionship, preparing a meal, light housekeeping, etc.

Pine Tree Hospice will offer its Core Training, which is the basic training that all hospice volunteers must complete, beginning on Tuesday, September 8, 5:00 – 9:00 P.M., Sunday, September 13, 1 – 6 p.m., Tuesday, September 15, 5:00 – 9:00 P.M., Thursday, September 17, 5:00 - 9:00 P.M. at the Mayo Regional Hospital Resource Center. This training is free and a complimentary meal is provided. To register for the Core Training, please call 564-4346 or email PTH at wecare at [return to menu]
July 29, 2015
Don’t Talk to Strangers

As a child most of us were taught, “Don’t talk to strangers.” We learn to value safety as well as privacy and soon learn to protect ourselves from invasion. Many Mainers are fiercely independent and are not comfortable with disclosing much information about their personal lives. But when faced with a devastating life event, such as a death, many people find it helpful to talk about their experience, finding that talking with others who have had a similar experience can be healing. Pine Tree Hospice’s Adult Bereavement Support Group provides a safe place for individuals to meet together and support one another in the grief process. Maybe you or someone you know is feeling alone in their grief and loss. Maybe the thought of talking about it with “strangers” is uncomfortable. Maybe it would help to know exactly what happens at a support group meeting.

A support group is a small group of people who share a common experience, who meet together to discuss their experiences, and who provide emotional support for one another. A support group is led by a volunteer who has been trained in facilitating support groups. [This is not like formal group therapy, which is led by a professional therapist who interprets behavior and provides analysis to the member.] A support group is informal and the level of participation (how much you talk) is voluntary. In addition, everything that takes place within the support group is confidential.

Support groups are proven to be a helpful coping tool. Hospitals and community agencies often refer individuals to support groups for the benefits these groups provide. One of the biggest benefits of support groups is helping individuals realize that they are not alone. This is often a huge relief to a person. “Me too!” is a common response of participants. Another benefit is that members of the group can suggest new ways of dealing with challenges, as you realize that others are facing the same things you are. It doesn’t take long for the “strangers” to become peers.

Pine Tree Hospice’s Adult Bereavement Support group meets at 883 West Main Street in Dover-Foxcroft on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 7-8 P.M. Please call 564-4346 for more information. [return to menu]
July 1, 2015
Pine Tree Hospice Foxcroft Golf Club Open Rain Schedule

Join Trey and Ethan this week at Foxcroft Golf Club. Thanks to Corey's support, due to the rain last Sunday, players have until Sunday night, July 5th, to play at Foxcroft in hopes of winning the fabulous prizes for that leg of our Pine Tree Hospice Golf Open. So call Corey at Foxcroft Golf Club (564-8887) and enjoy a great course while supporting a great cause! [return to menu]