Invitation to Join Us

The mission of Pine Tree Hospice staff and volunteers is to provide non-medical care, support, and education, with respect and dignity, to people journeying through progressive life-limiting illnesses, caregiving, and bereavement, thereby enhancing and honoring quality of life.
Any interested individual who supports our mission and/or who volunteers with the organization in any manner is invited to become a member of Pine Tree Hospice

Membership is renewable annually

To ensure voting rights and privileges at the Annual Meeting,
the bylaws state that the Membership Form must be received
no less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting

Benefits of membership include voting privileges at the Annual Meeting and recognition in the community as a Pine Tree Hospice supporter

Members may choose to serve the hospice and bereaved family by becoming a direct care hospice volunteer, an indirect care volunteer, or a bereavement facilitator for adults, or for children and families

"Direct care" Hospice Volunteers interact with clients and families;
they do not provide physical nursing care

Bereavement Facilitators serve clients and families with children; they do not interact directly with hospice clients

"Indirect care" Volunteers support Pine Tree Hospice in many ways; they do not interact directly with hospice clients or bereaved children and families

Pine Tree Hospice offers educational programs to prepare Volunteers for Direct and Indirect Care Hospice, and Bereavement Facilitators

Members who do not serve clients or families as volunteers are not required to complete an educational program

Donations of time and/or money are voluntary at the discretion of individual members and/or volunteers
Please visit these pages for more information about:
    Bereavement Programs
        for Grieving Children and their Families
    Our services to family and community
    Our various committees
    Our educational programs

If you are interested in joining us, please download, print and mail an application ... or just give us a call at 802-8078
    ~ Pine Tree Hospice Membership Form
    ~ Community Hospice Education Registration & Application
                                                           for Orientation and Training
    ~ Board or Committee Member Application