Submit Volunteer Hours
Dear Volunteer...

Our funding and our licensure depend on accurate records of your service to Pine Tree Hospice
We need to know every two weeks how many hours you spend for:

       ~ indirect service (no client contact)
       ~ direct service for hospice (client or family contact)
       ~ direct service for bereavement (client or family contact)
                                    with Evergreen, Bereavement Series, or Crisis Support  
You can submit hours electronically from this website
or you can download paper forms from this website

Select from the choices below
Send Hours Electronically

Indirect Care (no client contact)

Indirect Care for Bereavement:
  Evergreen, Bereavement Series,
  or Crisis Support

Direct Care for Hospice Clients
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Volunteer Time Sheet

Client Services Record
Mail or deliver to:
Pine Tree Hospice
883 West Main Street
Dover-Foxcroft, ME  04426
Gentle reminder:  The state and the Pine Tree Hospice Bylaws require volunteers to complete continuing education hours annually
    8 hours for direct care volunteers         4 hours for indirect care volunteers
Thank you, Volunteer... for all that you do !