The strength of Pine Tree Hospice comes from the dedication of its volunteers and staff,
from community and business contributions, and from the vitality of its
working together
committees are wonderful
The administrative work of Pine Tree Hospice is carried out by the staff, the volunteer Board of Directors, and by the various volunteer committees.

Committee membership includes Pine Tree Hospice volunteers as well as interested community members.

Fund Development Committee (affectionately, Fun Development)

Responsible for generating revenue sources to support program goals

Education Committee

Responsible for hospice orientation and education in compliance with Maine "Regulations Governing the Licensing and Functioning of Hospice Programs"; for coordinating bereavement education, for continuing education programs for volunteers; and for community outreach and education

Board Development Committee

Responsible for preparing nominations for the Board of Directors, with a slate of officers; memberships to Standing Committees; and new board member orientation and support

Hospice Committee

Responsible for identifying and meeting needs of local community hospice clients in compliance with the mission of Pine Tree Hospice and with appropriate local, state and national regulatory bodies

Bereavement Committee

Responsible for identifying and meeting needs of bereaved individuals, families, and groups; maintaining the bereavement programs and the bereavement facilitator curriculum in collaboration with the Education Committee.

Finance Committee

Responsible for maintaining the financial health and information systems of Pine Tree Hospice; and for maintaining a database of information related to clients and volunteers

Executive Committee

Officers represent the Board of Directors, subject to review and final approval of the Board; serves as advisory to Executive Director, who is a member; provides leadership and accountability of Pine Tree Hospice services; periodically reviews Bylaws and Policies/Procedures; and is responsible for: public relations, leadership of any non-functioning board committee, and Pinetree Hospice property

Public Relations Committee

Responsible for informing the public about Pine Tree Hospice's services and activities

Current committee membership
Would you like to be
on a Pine Tree Hospice Committee ???

Community members
are welcome to join us...
Give us a call at 802-8078
or send in an application
Executive Director    

Kristen Sutherland

Coordinator of Volunteers and Client Services
Cheryl Crabtree 270-8078
Administrative Assistant  
Sherri Jackins 802-8078
Program Assistant    
Pamela Pultz 802-8078

Volunteer Board of Directors
President Donna Peterson
Vice President Sue McNulty
Treasurer Nolan Lovell
Secretary Wendy Hutchins
  Dodie Curtis
  Marsha Hansen
  Pam Tower
  Ryan Dankert
  Janet Sawyer

Volunteer Clinical Consultant for Pine Tree Hospice Bereavement Programs 
                     Dr. Deborah Drew

Founder and Volunteer Medical Director
                                    Dr. Lesley Fernow
Volunteer Spiritual Advisor
                                    Rev. Sue Burgess

              Volunteer Committees 2019-20
Fund Development Committee  
  Barb Austin
  Donna Peterson
  Helen Higgins
  Sue Mackey Andrews
  Ryan Dankert
  Kristen Sutherland
Education Committee Janet Sawyer, Co-chair
  Andrea Thurlow, Co-chair
  Sherry Corbin
  Ardis Hacker
  Priscilla Higgins
  Wendy Hutchins
  Kristen Sutherland
Board Development Committee Janet Sawyer, Chair
  Sue McNulty
  Kristen Sutherland
Hospice Committee Alice Bunn
  Cheryl Fairbrother
  Deanne Merrill
  Dodie Curtis
  Jayne Sharrow
  Judy Raymond
  Kristen Sutherland
  Chery Crabtree
Bereavement Committee Ardis Hacker, Chair
  Sue Burgess
  Priscilla Higgins
  Marsha Hansen
  Sue McNulty
  Pam Tower
  Kristen Sutherland
Finance Committee Nolan Lovell, Chair
  Donna Hathaway
  Kristen Sutherland
Public Relations Committee  
  Pam Pultz
  Kristen Sutherland
Executive Committee Executive Director
              and Board Officers
          Web Team Ardis Hacker
  Sherry Corbin