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    FREE Workshop for caregivers of a family member or friend with dementia

The SAVVY Caregiver training is a 12-hour / 6-week education program
sponsored by the Office of Aging and Disability Service, Department of Health and Human Services

Choose any of the following locations:
Download a poster for place/date/time details

This extremely valuable program is free, but
registration is required      Call EAAA 941-2865
Ellsworth begins April 18
Brownville begins May 5
Corinna begins May 17
Greenville begins May 27
Newport begins September 8
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Green and Purple ... The Colors of Hospice
The use of color can strengthen, sooth, and inspire. Hospice colors are green and purple and were chosen because of what they each represent. The use of green is commonly associated with nature and growth. Green represents stability, endurance and peace. The green in the ribbon represents the awareness of compassionate care that hospice provides and the peace that hospice brings. Purple, has traditionally been associated with honor, spirituality and self-esteem. It reminds us of the right that all people have to live with dignity and respect, even in the last moments of their life.
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