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    ~ Education Overview
    ~ Direct Care Hospice Education Topics and Outcomes
             20 hours: begins with the Core Curriculum
    ~ Evergreen Bereavement Facilitator Topics and Outcomes
            25 hours: begins with the Core Curriculum
    ~ Preliminary Direct Care Hospice Schedule for Fall 2017:
            Core Curriculum
            Direct Care Hospice Education (draft)

Not sure ?  We also have a 4-hour orientation program:
     ~ Hospice 101

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New Program Director
Pine Tree Hospice is excited to announce that Pamela Pultz has accepted the position as Program Assistant. Pam, her husband, Guy, and their 5 dogs live in Sebec. Originally from New Hampshire, Pam has lived in Maine off and on since 1979, and moved to the Dover-Foxcroft Area in 2002. Pam has a degree in English Literature from the University of New Hampshire and a law degree from University of New Hampshire School of Law. Pamela and her husband owned Foxcroft Agway for 13 years before selling it in 2016. Pam enjoys working in stained glass and training and showing her dogs, and she is thrilled to become part of the Pine Tree Hospice team.
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Green and Purple are the colors of Hospice
The use of color can strengthen, sooth, and inspire. Hospice colors are green and purple and were chosen because of what they each represent. The use of green is commonly associated with nature and growth. Green represents stability, endurance and peace. The green in the ribbon represents the awareness of compassionate care that hospice provides and the peace that hospice brings. Purple, has traditionally been associated with honor, spirituality and self-esteem. It reminds us of the right that all people have to live with dignity and respect, even in the last moments of their life.
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