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Please join us for our next   Caring for the Caregiver
Your Ducks
in a Row
Wills, POA, Social Security, Probate, Beneficiaries, Advance Directives, Estates
Julie Mallett, Esq.
Donna Peterson, Register of Probate
Thursday, May 14,  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Charlotte White Center, Bangor Road
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Thank YOU  2015  Variety Show Sponsors
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Lisa White
Please join us in welcoming Lisa White,
Coordinator of Volunteer and Client Services
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Green and Purple ... The Colors of Hospice
The use of color can strengthen, sooth, and inspire. Hospice colors are green and purple and were chosen because of what they each represent. The use of green is commonly associated with nature and growth. Green represents stability, endurance and peace. The green in the ribbon represents the awareness of compassionate care that hospice provides and the peace that hospice brings. Purple, has traditionally been associated with honor, spirituality and self-esteem. It reminds us of the right that all people have to live with dignity and respect, even in the last moments of their life.
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